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Minimize Storage Footprint - Texas, Loui

No Tools Needed

Minimize Storage Footprint - Texas, Loui

Heavy Duty

Quik-Lok Custom Steel Shelving

Minimize Storage Footprint - Texas, Loui

Modular Concept

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Quik-Lock Custom Steel Shelving Solves Storage Problems

Quik-Lok shelving from Interior Storage Solutions is a superior shelving design that assembles with no tools, braces, or hardware. These american-made steel shelving units come with a limited lifetime warranty and are available in more standard sizes, colors, and styles than any other brand.

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Need Custom, Easy Shelving?

If your business needs an efficienty storage solution, it could be challenging to find shelving that's customizable to your exact storage needs. Consider that every shelf that doesn't fit quite right wastes valuable space! For example, if your shelving unit only fits four and a half boxes, you're wasting valuable space on every shelf, and every unit. That wasted space could be utilized with a custom shelving size - reducing your storage footprint or maximizing storage capacity.

You Design it, We Create it.

We work with Texas and Louisiana businesses to create truly custom shelving sizes and storage solutions, including custom shelf widths and heights according to your exact needs. Planning storage around your products, records, box sizes, or whatever you need to store is the best starting place. Our experts work within the layout and dimensions of your room, and create custom tailored storage solutions nobody else can.

Contact Us for an Up-Front Quote.

With the help of Interior Storage Solutions' team of storage experts, you can create the storage solution you envision for your business. Quik-Lok metal shelving is completely modular allowing total customization, is heavy duty for commercial use, easy to assemble without the need for tools, comes in many colors and styles, and includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Contact us today to create a plan with us, and get an up-front quote for your storage needs.

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We Work with Great Clients

We're proud of the work we've done to assist our clients with their storage needs. Interior Storage Solutions serves all industries and we tailor our storage solutions to the exact requirements of our partners.

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